Your World, Understood.

Site Explanation and information

I am developing this site to be used in conjunction with a book that I am currently completing. If certain sections of this site raise questions that are not answered, that's good. I am specifically witholding certain bits of information that are key to understanding and enjoying the plot and back story of my book.

The site is laid out as if it were an official site for Spidech Labs—an organization created within and key to my story. However, in a few locations, I have placed quick messages that break that illusion to talk about the world as a literary construct. These sections are recognizable by the use of the blue font and box. Wherever this is found, the information is coming from me as the author of the piece, and not an imagined representative from Spidech Labs.

For a more complete sense of the world created here, keep an eye out for my novel, currently entitled:

The UnWorlder
by Ryan Peterson