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The ThickHead

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International symbol for ThickHead magic

ThickHeads (Brazil - "Bateduros" [Hard Hitters]) are wizards of form and matter. Primarily their realm of influence revolves around inorganic material. They have limited ability to influence organic material that had once been living but now isn't. However anything that is still alive is completely outside their influence.

Commonly used basic abilities that ThickHeads will use include:

  • size change
  • mass change
  • reshaping/molding
  • tensile strength enhancement/degradation

As a ThickHead becomes more practiced in these and other basics, they can learn to apply them with more control and finesse to achieve more complicated and targeted actions. Such upper-tier feats include:

  • Terra-tunnel
  • Stone Dart
  • Wall Climb

Form layer of the Vision - ThickHead vision

ThickHead Vision

At times, ThickHeads are looked down upon because, of all the wizad types, they can see the least in their Vision. They can only see the form and physical makeup of the object. However, it is unfair to consider them deficient in any way. Since the physical form is all they are allowed to control, they do not need any more range in their vision. And while the other wizard types can see form plus more, ThickHeads are the only ones who can directly influence the form of an object, which makes them invaluable.