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Spidech Labs Senior Staff and Volunteer Bios
Kade Autumn Farnsworth (E)
Wizard Name: Kade
Given Name: Autumn Farnsworth
Age: 45
Gender: F
Wizard Type: Epistemist
From: Idaho, USA
Association with Spidech Labs: CEO and Director

Kade is the youngest director Spidech Labs has ever had. Her drive to improve mankind through knowledge is unparalleled and has served her well in moving her through the ranks to CEO. Her particular field of interest is the wizard spider itself. In her own words: We cannot hope to fully understand magic and all its possibilities until we better understand the source.

Fenn Lisa Farnsworth (T)
Wizard Name: Fenn
Given Name: Lisa Farnsworth
Age: 47
Gender: F
Wizard Type: ThickHead
From: Idaho, USA
Association with Spidech Labs: Administrative Assistant and Head of Computer Technology Development

Fenn is Kade's older sister, but she is not nearly as ambitious as her sibling. Her specialties revolve around finding newer and more efficient methods for creating the technology that the rest of the world craves. "What good is understanding magic going to do me in the long run? I'm perfectly satisfied with merely giving the world what it thinks it wants and the tools they are willing to pay for."

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Shimm Jacob Douglas (G)
Wizard Name: Shimm
Given Name: Jacob Douglas
Age: 46
Gender: M
Wizard Type: GreenThumb
From: Michigan, USA
Association with Spidech Labs: Independent Contractor

Though not part of the regular staff here at Spidech Labs, Shimm has provided significant help over the years. He is not so much a researcher as a facilitator. At Spidech Labs, it is common practice for our researchers to bring in outside wizards to broaden the skill-base available and help run certain experiments, depending on the particular specialties of the wizards in question.

Shimm in particular has practiced extensively with various methods of plant cultivation and accelerated, directed development.

Olívia Maria de Fatima Batista (E)
Wizard Name: Unknown
Given Name: Olívia Maria de Fatima Batista
Age: 59
Gender: F
Wizard Type: Epistemist
From: Minas Gerais, Brasil
Association with Spidech Labs: Medical Consultant

Olivia's full-time employment is as a physician. As such, she has specialized in diagnosing and treating animal—and in particular, human—physiology. She has proven herself an invaluable consultant in matters regarding the physical changes that the body undergoes upon conversion to wizard-dom.

Rook Dareem Eaton (G)
Wizard Name: Rook
Given Name: Dareem Eaton
Age: 42
Gender: M
Wizard Type: GreenThumb
From: Shreveport Mythicals Colony, Louisiana
Association with Spidech Labs: Reception

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