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The GreenThumb

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International symbol for GreenThumb magic

GreenThumbs (Brazil - "Fazevidas" [Life Makers]) are wizards of essence and energy. Primarily their realm of influence revolves around organic material. They have limited ability to animate inorganics, however that is about the most they are able to do with inorganic material.

Commonly used basic abilities that GreenThumbs will use include:

  • accelerated/directed growth
  • animation
  • energy redirection

As a GreenThumb becomes more practiced in these and other basics, they can learn to apply them with more control and finesse to achieve more complicated and targeted actions. Such upper-tier feats include:

  • Terra-tunnel
  • Hortiforming
  • Energy Conversion

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Essence layer of the Vision

GreenThumb Vision

Often, GreenThumbs are considered the middle class of wizad types, because their vision shows them more than can be seen by ThickHeads, but less than Epistemists. Not only can they see the form of an object, but they can also see the essence. However, even though they can see physical form in their vision, they are are only able to manipulate the essence layer directly.