Your World, Understood.

The Worlder

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International symbol for Worlder magic

The Worlder is definitely the most mysterious of all wizard types. Largely this is due to the fact that the DNA of this world does not seem to accomodate it, so there are no known worlders originating from this reality.

The only worlder that anyone is known to have encountered is most commonly referred to as Jek. He is believed to have originated in an alternate reality, or parallel dimension, depending on your views on the subject. He rarely reveals himself, and it is believed not to be an experience that anyone should hope for.

Realm of Influence

Little is known for certain about how Worlder magic functions, but if the other three magics are able to manipulate form, essence and perceptions of an object, it is believed that Worlder magic deals with manipulating whatever it is that ties all three aspects together.

For instance, if you take three layers of tape and fold one of the layers, the others fold along with it because of the adhesive substance holding them together. That explains how a GreenThumb can change the form of a plant by manipulating the essence only. But if you had the ability to manipulate the adhesive itself, you could still manipulate the tape layers. That is the realm of influence in which the Worlder is believed to operate.

Worlder Vision

As we are unable to question any Worlders directly, there is no available information regarding what kind of vision the Worlder is permitted. However, considering the progression of sight from ThickHead to GreenThumb to Epistemist, it is likely that the Worlder either sees all of that plus some additional layer of sight, or none of it at all. There are conflicting theories regarding this, but, for the time being, there is neither useable information nor a pressing need to know, so little effort is ever put into following this line of questioning.