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Wizard Scars

Illustration of a second-tier wizard scar

The wizard scar is key to any wizard. The scar is not used directly, but it is the method by which a wizard gains their wizard name. The scar starts with the three puncture wounds from the actual spider bite. From there, the wound begins to grow outward, adding new rings with each tier that is attained. And with each new ring, a new section is added to the wizard's name.

Each successive ring is made up of a unique form of cuneiform writing. It is unknown just what the writing represents and several of the characters are wholly unlike any that can be found in existing forms of cuneiform writing. It was once believed that each successive ring actually displayed the wizard name in the writing that appears there. However, comparison between known names and presented symbols has yet to show a useful translation method. It is now believed that, while significant, the writing must be a key message in some as yet unidentified, possibly completely unknown language.

Wizard scar on the right hand

However, even though nobody has yet been able to decipher the text presented in the scar, in order to get the name of a wizard, the scar is key. One merely presses the tip of their finger into the center of the scar, above the three puncture wounds where the spider's pincers have imbedded themselves. The name is then given directly into the mind of the recipient.

While several wizards do decide to use their wizard name in lieu of their given name, it is suggested that they only use their firstname, as the more one knows about a wizard's name the more of that wizard's power they have access to.

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