Your World, Understood.

Magic vs. Tricks

Wizards are not magicians. For magicians, the term "magic trick" is commonplace. That is because magician "magic" is designed around fooling or tricking the audience to believe they are seeing something that isn't actually there. For real wizards, there is a difference between "magic" and "tricks".

For one thing, Magic drains blood out of the wizard's body, while Tricks take water. However, that doesn't actually explain the difference in application between magic and tricks.

Magic involves actually changing a being or object. Tricks are merely a cheat to make others see what the wizard wishes. Also, while each wizard has a specific realm of influence outside of which they cannot exert their magic, any wizard can create any trick to present whatever they wish.

One thing that often causes confusion in this matter comes from the fact that part of Epistemist magic includes a manipulation of the perception of others. However, another aspect to consider is that (1) unlike magic, tricks are not picked up by recording devices such as cameras or tape recorders, and (2) tricks cannot actually fool a wizard. Wizards can perceive the trick that is being shown, but at the same time, they also perceive the reality beneath the trick.